Improving the quality of education of tribal children through

Tuition/Remedial classes in the villages.

​Early years are crucial in the formation of intelligence, personality, and social behavior. Children are born with physical, social, and psychological capacities, which allow them to communicate, learn, and develop.  If these capacities are not recognized and supported, they will wither rather than flourish. Research suggests that most of the development of intelligence in children occurs before the age of seven.

We have taken upon us the task to equip and prepare adivasi children of Dadhwada villages from their early ages, 5 to 10 years, to cope with the challenges they will face in tough academic studies & further education to help secure for themselves a bright future. Early Childhood Education will fulfill their rights of education, development and participation. Thus they will be able to compete for higher posts in life & improve tribal society.

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Reaching out to the unreached in Health Care

Over the years, the Sisters have worked in several villages of south Gujarat, creating health awareness and running mobile dispensaries. They have done this through the training of village health workers. They have also worked in collaboration with the Primary health centers. The overall health situation of the tribals is gradually improving, but there are certain areas far in the interior that have to be reached. Some of their villages lack proper roads and transport facilities. Poverty and general ignorance of health aggravate the health situation of the tribals.

There are three dispensaries run by sisters:- 
1.    Daya Sadan Davakhana, Zankhvav.  
2.    Navchetna Kendra Davakhana, Dadwada. 
3.    Asha Kiran Davakhana, Nanisingloti.

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Donate and help families in need build a new life after flooding

In July 2017, the Radhanpur villages of Banaskantha district (S.Gujarat, India) was affected by heavy floods. There was a significant loss of human lives, animals and houses. Our community of sisters teamed up with medical relief work & food grain distribution to the affected people.

Help those who lost their homes and livelihood !


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